SPAIN. I had already spent some holidays here, but since the first day I arrived in Valencia I fell literally in love with this city and country. First of all, I’m Andrea, an Italian student from Milan and it was the 1st of September when I started the best experience of my life, ERASMUS. I remember my first night in this city as if it was yesterday: Beatrice, my Italian friend, and I spending three hours on a bench in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, trying to imagine how our next months were going to be. Then everything started, the classes in ESIC, the long days at the beach (in October 36ºC, I couldn’t believe it), lots of parties where I met people from all over tCiudad arteshe world every week and some of the best people I’ve ever met, but I really started falling in love with Valencia discovering the city center, every single street of Barrio del Carmen, the incredible Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias, the Turia Park, the Malvarrosa beach and the Port eating paella and drinking sangría. When October came, I wanted to start discovering the rest of Spain, so I decided with my friends that the first “Comunidad” we should visit was ANDALUCÍA. We booked a trip with an Erasmus association, and we left Valencia for a few days travelling through Granada, with the amazing AlhambraMálaga where we just stopped for a few but intense hours, the Andalusian Capital Sevilla with its Arabic buildings and in the way back to our city we stopped at Córdoba, where we could feel the incredible Arabic influence with the culture and the Mosque-Cathedral. After this trip I was completely enchanted by the beauty of the south of Spain, even more when I came back to Andalusia for the carnival in Cádiz, one of the best in Spain: it was amazing. By the way, during all the months I have been here, I couldn’t stop waiting for March to come, the month of Fallas, one of the biggest celebrations in the world. I think I can say the week of Fallas was the craziest of my life, day and night out in the city, “fiesta” in every street of Valencia and children throwing firecrackers 30 centimeters from me! After Fallas, April was already here with “Pascua”, as I had almost two weeks of vacation my German flat mate told me: “Hey, let’s go 5 days to the north of Spain, let’s visit Bilbao and San Sebastian!” and I thought: “Yes, why not?” So we rented a car and we started our trip through the north. It was completely different from the south and, if I have to be honest, it was like we weren’t in Spain; I don’t know why but I had this feeling, the food, the lifestyle and the language (Euskera, it sounds like Chinese to me) were quite different from the other parts of Spain I knew, but for me everything was fascinating. Once we came back I realized my Erasmus yearMadrid couldn’t be complete without visiting the Capital, Madrid. Beatrice thought the same so, during the last weekend of April, we decided to book a BlaBla Car and leave to Madrid. It was a nice weekend, we could notice Madrid is quite different from the others cities we had visited; It is the typical European metropolis, with big buildings, chaos and busy lifestyle; we said it is the Spanish Milan. After Madrid I stopped travelling for a while to study for my exams because yes, Erasmus is studying too! And that’s it, for the moment I think I told you almost everything about my months in this incredible country, but for sure it doesn’t end here; I still have two months ahead of me and I hope they are going to carry amazing experiences and surprises with them to make my year abroad even more memorable!