The authors must electronically submit their manuscripts at the following address: All manuscripts should be between 6,000-8,000 words (excluding display material and references). Manuscripts may be submitted for review either in English or Spanish.

Once the manuscript has been reviewed, and in the case it is accepted for publication by the journal, the authors must submit the corresponding translation. Submission implies the authors’ acknowledgement that the manuscript is original, unpublished, and has the pertinent authorizations. It also implies that the authors accept any changes in the manuscript by the Editorial Board, where applicable.


The APA criterion will be used.

The author must send two files:
  • Title Page
    This file will consist of one page with the following information: Title of the article; the authors’ names, as well as their complete affiliation info (position, work center, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address); designated contact author; acknowledgements; any funding that may have been received; and a statement expressing whether the paper has been previously presented at any conference or meeting (if applicable).
  • Manuscript (It mustn’t contain any information allowing the authors’ identification)
    This file will content the manuscript, which must be in Microsoft Word format, A4, double-spaced and in 12-point Calibri. The first page will display the following information:
    Title of the article: no more than 25 words
    – Abstract: up to 180 words that should describe the objective, the methodology, the most relevant results, the main conclusions, as well as the novelty and relevant aspects of the research.
    – Keywords: no more than 5 words
    – JEL codes: no more than 5 


Authors of accepted  will be notified: Until 12 February 2018  UNTIL 22 MARCH 2019
Registration for attendees: from January 29 to February 23  UNTIL 29 MARCH 2019
Deadline for the presentation of papers: From 20 November, 2017 to 29 January, 2018 UNTIL 22 MARCH 2019
All papers and posters will be blind peer reviewed and the best ones will be subsequently published in a journal with an impact factor.